6pc ColorMorph RGB LED Rock Light Pod Kit



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6pc ColorMorph Rock Light Kit

Built to be as rough & rugged as the driver behind the wheel, LED Concepts’ Rock Light Kit goes unmatched in quality and design. This color changing rock light kit features (3) x CREE 3 Watt XPE LEDs per pod to deliver the brightest output on the market. ColorMorph color changing technology gives you full control by allowing you to choose from many different colors and mode options all at the push of a button. So if you’re looking for an LED underglow kit and/or some wheel well lights to brighten up your ride in the best way possible, look no further!


LED Concepts Rock Light kits feature plug and play connectors as well as all necessary mounting hardware for ease of installation. These RGB rock lights have an IP68 waterproof rating which accompanied by a low-profile universal design make them an ideal way to add LED wheel lights to automobiles, ATVs, golf carts, trailers, and anything else you can think of! Each pod includes 13 feet of wire to accommodate most vehicles, and extension wire can be added if you need more.


This Rock Light kit can be integrated with your current ColorMorph system if you already have an existing ColorMorph controller.  ColorMorph rock lights require a controller in order to fully operate so make sure to choose one from the drop-down menu. We recommend adding an in-line fuse to your controller to protect your product. All external components and connectors are waterproof with an IP68 rating.


What’s Included:

  • (6) x Waterproof ColorMorph Rock Light Pods (13 feet of wire per pod)
  • (2) x 4-1 Splitters (6 feet of input wire)
  • (6) x Flat Rubber Mounts
  • (6) x Curved Rubber Mounts
  • (1) x Mounting hardware
  • (2) x Weatherproof screw caps for expansion ports
  • (1) x Installation Guide – (Click to Download)



  • (3) x CREE 3 Watt XPE LEDs per pod
  • Universal Application for any vehicle
  • Plug and Play Design
  • IP68 Waterproof/Dustproof rating
  • Integratable with current ColorMorph systems
  • Lifetime Warranty


Remote Options (Required):

  • ColorMorph RF Remote/Receiver
  • ColorMorph Bluetooth Receiver



Fit inside the wheel well of any vehicle you’re proud to drive, the ColorMorph Rock Light Pod Kit blasts the ground with whatever color you’ve chosen at that particular moment. At the same time, the LED Rock Lights give your tires an illuminated glow. The Pod Kit makes every knob, tread, and groove on your tires bounce at your eyes as it lights up your rims and paints the ground with electric color.

LED Concepts offers two choices of LED Controllers for our RGB Rock Light Kits. You can select a ColorMorph Bluetooth Controller or a ColorMorph RF Controller.

During our relentless design and testing process, we discovered less isn’t more. More is more. Pairing up two LED Rock Lights under the same well, or one under each bumper, or in any other combination you can conjure magnifies the effect of the LEDs. As such, we sell packages of our ColorMorph off road rock lights in 4, 6, or 8 piece packages.


ColorMorph Rock Lights are the perfect underglow kit for trucks, SUVs, street rods, ATVs and buggies. They make beach and dune sand, sandstone, red rock, granite, gravel, dirt, grass, pavement, concrete and even mud shine. If you are looking for underglow, you can’t miss with our ColorMorph Rock Light Pod Kit. Once you’ve got them over your wheels, you and everyone that gets a look at your vehicle will understand exactly why we are so excited.

Those of us men and women at LED Concepts believe our products are to the vehicle and rec-vehicle LED light industry what stainless steel is to iron. Our objective — when we begin designing and testing a product — is to produce a LED light accessory that is stronger, more durable, and better looking than anything made by anyone else in the industry. That is why we’ve combined creative and stylish minds with practical, accept-only-perfection personalities to create design and test teams that aim high and don’t miss the mark. Every one of us believes the products we design, test and manufacture are the best in the business because we believe the people working next to us are.