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LED Concepts’ ColorMorph RF Controller goes unmatched by any other competitors remotes. This remote’s modern design, functions, and range to make it the best color changing remote on the market. One unique feature of the ColorMorph RF Controller is that it allows you to custom create your very own colors and save them for later use! How cool is that?! Much like a radio preset, you can save up to 6 unique colors. This means that a ColorMorph LED product accompanied with this remote will allow you to literally create ANY color you can imagine. The possibilities are endless! This remote gives you complete control over your ColorMorph products mode, speed, brightness, function, colors, and more! Andddd…if that wasn’t enough, this remote has a range of up to 100ft! This controller has such an incredible range is because it utilizes RF Technology which stands for “Radio Frequency.” This ensures a much broader range and operation of the remote to the receiver!


This remote will also work for many other companies color changing products including halos, LED strips, and much more. Upgrade today and see the LED Concepts difference!

What’s Included:
  • (1) x Wireless Handheld Remote
  • (1) x ColorMorph RF Receiver
  • Click HERE to download Information and Installation Guide
  • Fuse Harness (Optional Add-On)



  • Working Voltage: 3v (Battery CR2032) (Included)
  • Working Frequency: 433.92MHz
  • Remote Distance: 20m-40m
  • Weight: 42g


Receiving Parameters:
  • Power Input: 12v DC – 24V DC 
  • Output: 3A x 3CH (Max 9A)
  • Power: Max 108W (12V)  216W (24V)