Butyl Headlight Resealant (Multi-Use)



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Properly sealing your headlights is one of the most important things to consider when building a custom set of headlights. Using the wrong sealant could lead to potential moisture build up inside the headlight which can result in damaged components. This is why LED Concepts recommends using Butyl to seal your headlights when applicable. 

Butyl sealant is extremely pliable and can be stretched out to the perfect thickness to contour to the headlight channel. Butyl does not need to be heated to be applied, but does need to be heated to properly close up your headlights. Watch our DIY Installation Video Here to see how we do it!

Our larger sized butyl will provide enough resealant for 2-3 complete installs. 

 Product Detail:

  • Length: 4.57 Meters 
  • Color: Black