Rock Lights

Here at LED Concepts we believe that rough & rugged + sleek & stylish = the perfect combination. That’s why we created our ColorMorph™ LED Rock Lights. Built to be the toughest, most powerful product on the market, these bad boys make common underglow kits and LED wheel lights look like toys. Our Rock Lights illuminate your wheel well and flood the ground with crisp, vibrant color, sure to leave lasting impressions everywhere you go.

ColorMorph Rock Light Extension Wire

4pc ColorMorph RGB LED Rock Light Pod Kit

6pc ColorMorph RGB LED Rock Light Pod Kit

8pc ColorMorph RGB LED Rock Light Pod Kit

Innovative, Versatile, Dependable


These three words are the foundation upon which we built our ColorMorph LED Rock Lights. Designed, tested, and shipped in-house so you can depend on them to withstand even the harshest conditions. Built with our ColorMorphcolor-changing technology and available in 4pc, 6pc, & 8pc, so their versatility is as limitless as your imagination. And created to be superior in every way than your average LED underglow kit or LED wheel lights, so innovation was at the forefront of their design. Upgrade your ride today and see what it really means to Live the Custom Life with LED Concepts.


Other Applications


As we mentioned before, one of the most valuable aspects of our LED Rock Lights is their versatility. While the most popular application for these Automotive LED lights is to be used as wheel lights or as an LED underglow kit, there are virtually limitless applications: LED Boat Lighting and other Marine LED lighting, LED lights for motorcycles, ATV LED lights, and much more! With easy installation instructions, a durable waterproof design, and an endless variety of colors & modes, our Rock Lights are the perfect LED boat lights, LED lights for trucks, or anything else your imagination can create.