ColorMorph 3″ Pod/Cube Halo Pair



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Specifically made for 3″ Off Road LED Cubes these halos allow you to take your Off Road Lighting to the next level. LED Concepts Light Bar Halos feature resistors on the back of the PCB boards so no driver is required for operation. While there are many different companies who make Off Road LED Cubes, typically these halos will fit into all 3″ x 3″ Cubes. ColorMorph 3″ Pod/Cube Halos are sold in pairs. A ColorMorph controller is required in order to fully operate ColorMorph halos. This listing is for halos only and does not include an Off Road fixture.


What’s Included:

  • (2) x 3″ LED Pod/Cube ColorMorph Halos (1 Pair)
  • Installation Guide (Click HERE to download)



Professional installation is highly recommended. Installation of this product can be difficult and improper installation may result in permanently damaging the product. For this reason, we suggest installation by an LED Concepts Authorized Dealer.