3″ Dual Color White/Amber Switchback Cube Halo Pair



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LED Concepts Dual Color White/Amber Switchback halos are a perfect fit for those who want to achieve a true, full white halo  with the option of an amber turn signal. Want just amber? Want just white? Not a problem. LED Concepts White/Amber Switchback halos allow you to use white by itself, amber by itself, or the option to use the built-in switchback function to utilize the best of both worlds. We don’t believe in limitations.


 The Custom Life
If you’re reading this, that means you’re one step closer to upgrading your ride and living the custom life; congratulations! These 3″ Dual Color White/Amber Switchback Cube Halos are exactly what you need in order to leave lasting impressions and transform the everyday task of driving into an immersive, exciting experience. We believe the future looks better, brighter. Upgrade your ride today and start living the custom life!


What’s Included:

  • (2) x 3″ Dual Color White/Amber Switchback Cube Halos (1 Pair)
  • (2) x External Drivers (Each driver supports one halo)
  • Installation Guide can be downloaded by clicking HERE