LED Light Bars

Most people go where the road leads them. Adventurers who believe in pushing the limits of everyday life go where there is no road, and leave a trail. If you’re a rough riding, trail blazing, off-road enthusiast, then you’ve come to the right place. Our Off-Road LED Light Bars are built to withstand the most challenging adventures, packed with enough power to help you see clearly even on the darkest trails. Upgrade your ride today and conquer any trail life leads you down.

3″ Off-Road LED Cube (Pair)

3″ Flush Mount Off-Road LED Cube

6″ Off-Road LED Light Bar

12″ Off-Road LED Light Bar

20″ Off-Road LED Light Bar

30″ Off-Road LED Light Bar

40″ Off-Road LED Light Bar

50″ Curved Off-Road LED Light Bar

50″ Off-Road LED Light Bar

52″ Off-Road LED Light Bar

LED Light Bar Relay Harness w/ Switch and Fuse

LED Concepts fans believe in living life beyond the normal societal limits, transforming their driving routine into a memorable experience, and turning heads everywhere they go. We call that “Living the Custom Life.” If you’re looking for something to light up the night, add some style to your ride, and not break the bank, our professional grade LED Light Bars are the perfect upgrade for anyone who believes in Living the Custom Life.

Here at LED Concepts, we believe the world looks better, brighter. And when you’re exploring the unknown in the dark hours of the night, the brighter the better. That’s why we chose to build this line with Cree LED light bars. Cree is known for making the world’s most powerful LED chips, which is what makes these Cree light bars some of the baddest in the industry.

As you probably know, the off-road lifestyle is rough, rugged, and unpredictable. That’s why we designed our LED light bars to be as durable as the willpower of the driver behind the wheel. You crave the thrill that comes from adventure, so we built a product that can stand up to even the most adventurous of adventures.

We also believe that those who live the custom life should never have to compromise, and that the ruggedness of the off-road fuses perfectly with the stylish aesthetic that we aim to bring to our customers’ rides. With that in mind we not only created this line with a sleek, attractive design, but we also took it one step further with our exclusive ColorMorph™ Light Bar Halos, making them the most memorable products on the market. Whether you’re looking for LED light bars for trucks, cars, or any other application, you know you’re making the right choice with LED Concepts.