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LED Concepts became the leader in the automotive lighting industry by creating products with unmatched quality and giving them to you at unbeatable prices, so it’s no surprise that our line of LED Headlight Bulbs is literally the best in the business. We saw the outdated bulbs that other companies were selling and knew it was time for us to step into the game of LED headlights and change it. So we did.

Our exclusive Axiom 9005 LED Headlight Bulbs come in two options: 25W / 3200 Lumens Per Bulb & 45W / 4500 Lumen Per Bulb. Although the 25W option is unquestionably the best product in the industry, we just couldn’t help but one-up ourselves, so we exceeded our own expectations and created the 45W model. With powerful, precise output and a crisp, clean pure white color, LED Concepts 9005 LED headlight conversion kits will put even top-of-the-line HID kits to shame.

Upgrading your vehicle with these 9005 LED Headlight bulbs will reinvent the look of your vehicle, and redefine the way you feel while driving it. Be just another car on the road or be the one they’ll never forget. The choice is yours.



 Wattage:                         25w                          45w
 Lumen Output 6400lm / 3200lm Per Bulb 9000lm / 4500lm Per Bulb
 LED Chip                 Philips Luxeon                Philips Luxeon
 Color / Kelvin           6000k (Crisp White)            6000k (Crisp White)
 Waterproof / Dustproof                          Yes                          Yes
 Life Span                  30,000 hours                  30,000 hours
 Plug and Play                          Yes                           Yes



Product Details:

  • Bulb Size: 9005 (also called H10, HB3, 9145, 9140, 9011, 9012, 9155)
  • 100% Plug and Play Design
  • 30,000 Hour Bulb Life Span
  • Waterproof / Dustproof / Shockproof
  • 360 Degree Beam Angle
  • Adjustable Focus
  • Dual Ball-Bearing Fans for High Heat Dissipation
  • Compact Design allowing for easy installation


What’s Included with 25W:


What’s Included with 45W:


Housing Cap Extensions
If your vehicle uses factory housing caps on the back of your headlights, Axiom LED Bulbs may not have enough clearance for the caps to fit back on. In order to combat this, LED Concepts has developed housing cap extensions that can be universally applied to any vehicle with factory housing caps. In order to install, you will need to cut a 60mm diameter hole into the factory housing caps and then fit the housing cap extension into the hole.

Error Canceler / Anti-Flicker Harness
Certain vehicles will require an error canceler in order to operate. This is because LED Bulbs use much less power than stock halogen bulbs, so your vehicle may display a “bulb out” error message on your dashboard. These error cancelers compensate for the low power draw of LED bulbs so that they can communicate properly with your vehicle’s computer (or CAN Bus) system. The plug-and-play error canceler easily installs in-line with your vehicle’s factory bulb sockets and your LED bulbs. Contact Info@LEDConceptsLighting.com to find out if your vehicle will require an error canceler.

Not all headlight bulbs are easily accessible from under the hood. In many cases you may have to remove your bumper and/or headlights in order to complete the install.  Make sure to check that your headlights have enough clearance before purchasing. Make sure to check that there are no structural obstructions on the vehicle that will prevent you from installing your LED Bulbs.