Axiom LED Headlight Bulbs

No matter who you are or what car you drive, upgrading to LED headlights is one of the most impactful changes you can make to your ride. The dim, faded yellow lighting output from stock halogen headlight bulbs is a thing of the past, and the crisp, powerful output of LED headlight bulbs is the future. Our exclusive line of Axiom LED Headlight Kits are undeniably the best in the business, giving any vehicle a luxurious look and a powerful beam. Even the best HID kits on the market don’t stand up to these bad boys. Give your ride the upgrade it deserves, with the best LED bulbs in the business!

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LED Bulbs Vs. HID Bulbs

It’s obvious enough that LED headlamps are far superior than halogen, but what about HID headlights? Believe it or not, HID lights (also known as Xenon Lights, or Xenon HIDs) are also becoming a thing of the past thanks to LED bulbs. HID bulbs, or Xenon bulbs, are extremely fragile, wildly inefficient, and painfully difficult to install. LED headlight bulbs are incredibly durable, unbelievably efficient, and refreshingly simple to hook up to your ride. So if you were thinking about choosing an HID headlight kit, think again.

LED Bulbs Vs. Halogen Bulbs

A wise man once said, “Change is the only constant.” And as things change, it’s out with the old and in with the new. In today’s world, the unappealing yellow output from stock halogen bulbs is the past, and the captivating pure white beam from LED Bulbs is the future. Whether you’re looking for LED headlights for cars, LED headlights for trucks, or anything in between, our Axiom LED headlight kits transform any average vehicle into an elegant driving machine.

LED Bulb Sizes

LED headlamps come in a variety of sizes based on your specific vehicle’s headlight housing, which can get confusing. Some sizes even go by different names, for example the H4 LED Bulb is sometimes known as a 9003, the H11 LED Bulb is sometimes known as the H8 LED Bulb, while the H7 LED Bulb is almost always referred to as, well, the H7 LED Bulb. Long story short, names and sizes can get confusing, which is why we did the work for you. If you don’t know the correct size for your ride, use our “Bulbs by Vehicle” section above to see if we have a specific Axiom LED Bulb listing for your Year/Make/Model.
NOTE: Please read the disclaimers on the product listing before purchasing. Although we have done the research to confirm the correct type of bulb for specific vehicles, you must first make sure the dimensions of our Axiom bulbs will fit into your vehicle’s housing properly.