UBER-Flex LED Headlight Strip (Switchback White/Amber)



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LED Concepts UBER-Flex Switchback Strips are flexible LED strips designed for dual function applications. Featuring tight groupings of LEDs to allow for a seamless illuminated display, these strips allow you to run a cool white for the parking lamps and then change to a brilliant amber when the turn signal is activated. After the turn signal is deactivated the strips will resort back to white. Switchback UBER-Flex strips utilize our signature external driver allowing for longer LED life as well as heat dissipation away from the actual LEDs.


  • Sold in Pairs
  • Available in 3″, 6″, and 14″ Sizes
  • Non-Waterproof
  • Each strip requires it’s own driver; total of (2) Drivers per pair

Wiring Instructions

Red Wire = Parking Lamp Positive (+)
Yellow Wire = Turn Signal Positive (+)
Black Wire = Common Ground / Negative (-)



If you are looking for our Single Color UBER-Flex strips you can find them by clicking HERE