ColorMorph RGB LED Interior Footwell Lighting Kit



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LED Concepts Interior Footwell Lighting Kit is universally designed making it the perfect addition for any vehicle, boat, golf cart, and more!  Each footwell lighting kit comes with (2) x 12″ ColorMorph RGB LED Strips with an optional back seat kit if you really want to stand out! Each RGB LED Strip has 4 feet of wire, giving you enough reach to mount them wherever you want. Our footwell led strips feature a plug and play design making installation a breeze! Oh, and did we mention it’s the brightest kit on the market?


  • Universal Application (Automotive, Marine, Off-Road)
  • Plug and Play Design
  • Super Bright ColorMorph LED Strip Technology


What’s Included:

  • (2) x 12″ ColorMorph RGB LED Strips


If Backseat Kit Added:

  • (2) x 12″ ColorMorph RGB LED Strips
  • (1) x 4-1 Splitter


Remote Options (Required)

  • IR Controller (+$10.00)
  • ColorMorph RF Remote (+$40.00)
  • ColorMorph Bluetooth Remote (+$70.00)

If Extesion Wire Added:

  • (1) x 10ft ColorMorph Extension Wire