ColorMorph™ Halo Headlight Kits

LED Concepts was founded for the purpose of reinventing the halo lighting industry. The leaders in the industry were selling low quality halo lights at ridiculously high prices. We didn’t think it was very fair to pay hundreds of dollars for a halo headlight kit that was almost guaranteed to break. After countless long days and nights in the workshop, the ColorMorph™ Halo Headlight Kit was born. With a virtually fail-proof design, color-changing capabilities in every kit, and prices far lower than the competition, it’s no wonder LED Concepts quickly became the most trusted name in the industry.

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Exceptional Quality, Limitless Possibilities

When creating our exclusive ColorMorph™ line of color-changing halos, we had two main goals in mind: To create a line of halo lights that were both the highest quality, and the most badass halo headlights in the world. We’re happy to say that we achieved those goals. All halo lighting kits from LED Concepts are built with our patented, virtually fail-proof driver technology, setting them apart from many competitors’ products. Our halo lights are all built with our exclusive ColorMorph technology, meaning every kit we offer comes standard with color-changing halos, and cost about as much as many competitors’ single-color kits. We believe limitless should be a standard, not an upgrade.

Unlimited Control

LED Concepts Halo Headlight Kits have virtually every color imaginable, endless mode options, and various brightness settings, all controllable with our RF Remote or Bluetooth Controller. Our ColorMorph™ RF Controller is a wireless Remote with buttons used for changing the colors, modes, and brightness of your kit. Our ColorMorph™ Bluetooth Controller is the perfect option for those who want to spend a little bit more, and truly make their kit limitless. With the bluetooth receiver installed, simply download our bluetooth app and you can control the full functionality of your kit directly from your phone. If you’re interested in upgrading your ride with halo lighting, choose the best halo lights in the world: ColorMorph™.