ColorMorph Halo Kits

What is a ColorMorph Halo Kit?

LED Concepts’ ColorMorph Halo Headlight kits are a set of specific size LED rings that are meant to be installed into an existing set of headlight housings. The rings are made of a rigid material which cannot be bent or flexed so that when the LEDs are illuminated, they glow in a way that produces a specific shape. LED halos come in a variety of sizes and shapes and are without a doubt one of the most eye-catching modifications you can make to your vehicle.

The kits for specific vehicles are designed to fit the stock headlight housings of that vehicle. They may or may not fit into a set of aftermarket headlight housings; fitment completely depends on the shape of the housing. If you have a set of aftermarket headlights and are unsure of what size halos you need, reach out to us!

NOTE: These are NOT a set of full headlight assemblies! While we may have gotten our start in the installation business, we forward that business to our network of Authorized Dealers and Installers around the country and even Canada.

How does the ColorMorph halo kit work?

Our ColorMorph halos work by combining the light from red, green, and blue LEDs mounted very close to each other around the ring to make different colors like yellow, purple, white, etc. They can be set to thousands of different colors by using one of our ColorMorph Controllers (AKA remotes). The halos operate completely independently of your actual headlights and should not be expected to provide any measure of visibility at night. They are strictly for show and DRL purposes, but don’t get us wrong; these LEDs are bright enough to see during the day.

When LED halos had first come out, there were resistors on the back of the rings themselves and these resistors would fail often due to heat. Imagine electronics producing their own heat inside of a headlight housing baking in the sun! LED Concepts came on the scene and helped push the technology forward by removing those resistors and putting them into an external driver that the halo plugs into before being plugged into the controller. This reduced failure rate and made many lives easier by removing that failure from inside the headlight. No need to bake the lights open again and again due to failing components.

How do you install the ColorMorph halo kit? Is it difficult? Do you have instructions/guides for my vehicle?

Installing a halo kit is not a technically difficult process, but it takes a LOT of patience. Some of the methods may seem strange, but they’re tried and true so trust in them and be patient. Every light can be a little bit different, but the overall process is mostly the same. We do send instructions with every kit that goes over all the same information in our installation video. You can check that out here:

Download the instructions here:


ColorMorph Halo Kit Installation Guide

ColorMorph RF Controller Guide

NOTE: We do not have an installation video or guide for every single light out there. The process is too similar to repeat the video over and over again. You can manage; we believe in you! If you’re having trouble, though, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

How do I wire my halo kit? Do you have wiring diagrams?

We do not have wiring diagrams because the system is pretty straightforward and wire management is entirely up to the installer. We do have a video showing you how to connect your system to the battery using one of our Fuse Harnesses. It’s simple 12V electronics, though, so it can be connected with just two lengths of wire if you’re daring enough to not use a fuse. Check out that video here:

Here are some tips that we’ve learned over the years though:

– DO NOT mount your drivers with 3M double-sided tape, Velcro, or zip ties. This traps the heat they produce and will cause them to fail very quickly.

– DO NOT mount your drivers near the grille or on radiator supports. These areas are exposed to more heat and moisture and will also cause quick failures.

– DO mount the drivers somewhat spaced apart from each other against a flat metal surface like the back of the wheel well or fender using self-tapping screws.

– DO label your wires according to which halo they belong to: low beam, high beam, fog light, etc. Make sure you plug them into the appropriate driver! Plugging them into the wrong driver can destroy the LEDs beyond repair.

– DO use heat shrink to protect your connections from the elements!

– DO terminate your power and ground wires with appropriate connections. This ensures a good connection and looks more professional anyway!

Does the halo kit include everything I need to install it?

A ColorMorph Halo kit will only come with the halo rings and drivers by default. You will need to add the remote via the drop-down menus on the product page you order from. If you plan on doing the installation yourself, do yourself a favor and make sure you have the materials to finish the job without having to run to the hardware store. Here’s a list of the installation materials we carry:

Headlight Installation Bundle (fuse holder, single-use butyl, beading wire)

– Butyl Headlight Resealant (Single-Use) / (Multi-Use)

Fuse Harness / In-line Waterproof Fuse Holder / Fuse Tap

Beading Wire

10ft ColorMorph Extension Wire

Halo Problems?

Don’t worry! If you’re experiencing any problem with your halo kit, we’re here to help alongside our Limited Lifetime Warranty. We do ask that you be prepared to troubleshoot the issue a bit to nail down what the root cause is, but we make it easy on you beyond that. Please refer to our Troubleshooting Guide on the best approach to getting your problem resolved quickly.


ColorMorph Controllers

What does the ColorMorph Remote/Controller do? Do I need one?

Our ColorMorph Controllers regulate the voltage on the red, green, and blue circuits in our ColorMorph products. This affects the brightness of each color which in turn, creates the different colors that you’re able to see on the LED. The controller is 100% necessary to be able to change the color of any ColorMorph LED product we carry. You can even use our ColorMorph controllers for other non-LED Concepts RGB products.

What are the differences between the IR, RF, and Bluetooth Controllers? Which is better?

The IR Controller is an industry-standard, cheap means to an end. It operates over an infrared signal that requires a direct line of sight from the handheld remote to a sensor on the receiver. It offers several shades of basic colors and no way to customize colors. It is the cheapest option, though, and it does work just fine.

The RF Controller operates over radio frequency and offers a step up in functionality from the IR controller. The RF signal does not require line of sight from handheld to receiver and can operate at the longest range of all three. In addition to the seven preset colors it comes with, it gives you the ability to customize colors by adjusting the RGB values and then saving up to six (6) of those colors on custom preset buttons. It also provides basic modes that jump or fade through the basic colors and a white strobe function.

The Bluetooth Controller uses an application on your smartphone to connect to the receiver and control the color of the LEDs. Our application’s range of features gives you the most functionality out of all three. It includes all of the same modes and custom color-saving ability as the RF controller but also introduces a method of creating custom modes in which you can jump, fade, or strobe through your own selection of colors. It also has a music mode in which it causes the lights to respond to the beat of a song played through the phone as well as a microphone mode where the lights respond to sounds picked up on the phone’s mic. The best feature of all though is being able to group several controllers together in order to control them all in sync with each other or set up a multi-zone system to set different groups of lights to different colors but still be controlled from the same device.

How many controllers do I need for my system? Can I control everything from one remote?

The number of controllers you need to power your specific application will vary based on the products that you have. The more LEDs you have, the thinner the power will be spread and the more controllers you will need. Since some halo kits have fewer LEDs than others and longer light bar halos have more LEDs than shorter ones, it can vary greatly. Please feel free to reach out to us for some guidance on this particular issue. The best method to control everything from one remote is to use multiple Bluetooth Controllers.

ColorMorph Demon Eyes / DRL Boards

What are Demon Eyes? How do they work? Do they replace my headlight?

Demon Eyes are a bracket-mounted LED that is installed into a projector assembly to shine colored light down into the projector lens. It causes the domed lens to take on the color emitted by the LED and gives the front end of the car a devilish look. They operate independently of and are easily overpowered by the actual headlight bulb’s light so you will still have the same light output and color.

Do they come with the full projector assembly?

Our Demon Eyes do not come with a full projector assembly and we do not sell the entire projector assemblies. You will receive two LED components and two drivers that need to be installed into an existing projector.

How do you install them? Are they compatible with my specific vehicle/projector/aftermarket headlight?

LED Concepts’ Demon Eyes are designed specifically to fit Morimoto Mini-H1 and D2S projectors. With that said, they can still be installed into just about any projector with some slight modification or adjustments to the installation process. You can either use epoxy to adhere the bracket to the housing or you can drill different holes in the bracket in order to line up with your particular projector.

In order to install the Demon Eyes at all, though, your headlights MUST have a projector in them.

How do the ColorMorph DRL Boards work?

With newer headlights implementing their own DRLs in various ways, our industry has been able to take the factory circuit boards with white LEDs on them and replace them with RGB and RGBW LEDs. This allows you to simply replace the factory boards with our aftermarket boards to bring color to the existing DRLs in the vehicle’s headlight. This way you are able to have the OEM headlight look but with the afermarket ColorMorph touch to set you apart from the rest.

ColorMorph Underglow / Rock Lights / Wheel Rings

I want underglow. Which product should I get?


Should I get the 4pc or 8pc Rock Light kit?


How do you install the Rock Lights?


What size wheel rings do I need for my vehicle?


How do you install the wheel rings? Can they be installed with drum brakes?


ColorMorph Light Bars / Light Bar Halos

Is this just the light bar or does it come with the halo?


Do you sell mounting hardware?


Do I need the relay harness?


Axiom LED Headlight Bulbs

Are these bright/durable or comparable to HIDs? What is the K rating?


What size do I need for my vehicle? Do I need the error canceler and/or housing cap extension?


Do you carry X socket size? Will a different size fit?