Does a relay harness come with the purchase of a light bar and do I need one?

 No, a relay harness is not included with light bar purchase, however, they can be selected as an add-on product for an additional cost. Our relay harnesses come with an in-line fuse pre-installed as well as an on/off switch. LED Light bars should never be installed without a fuse and LED Concepts requires all products to be installed with a fused connection. For this reason we highly recommend purchasing a relay harness if purchasing a light bar.

What gauge wire should I use to extend the factory light bar wiring?

LED Concepts recommends using 18 gauge wire to extend any light bar wiring. Relay harnesses are ideal to use to extend wiring as they already utilize 18 guage wire and come with plenty of wire length. Relay harnesses are available for purchase separately.

​Are Light Bars 12 volts?

​All LED Concepts LED Light Bars have an input power of 12 volts.

​Are these light bars waterproof?

​Yes, all of our light bars have a IP67 rating which means they can be submerged up to 3 feet and are also completely dust proof.

​What kind of warranty do these come with?

All LED Concepts products include a limited lifetime warranty. Please see our Warranty and Refund policy for more details.

​Do these come with any mounting hardware?

Yes, our light bars included universal factory mounts. Vehicle specific mounts would need to be purchased separately.

Are these available in white casings?

Not at this time but we will expand our product line in the future.

Are these legal to drive with turned on while on public roads?

​For this you will want to check your local laws and with your local police dept as each state might be different.

​Is an on/off switch included with the light bar?

No but you can purchase a relay harness and that includes an on/off switch.

​Is the lens used on the light bar shatter proof?

​Currently our light bars feature a Polycarbonate lens. Polycarbonate is used in many applications, such as “bullet proof” windows, and in other applications requiring great flexibility and strength.