Why Sell LED Concepts Products?

We started this company because we were tired of dealing with expensive prices and crappy customer service. We’re willing to bet a lot of you know exactly what we’re talking about! With those two things in mind, we set out on our mission to provide this industry with competitively-priced, quality LED halo kits and lighting accessories, while providing top notch customer service if and when something went wrong. We built our name on just that and are still here, providing innovative new products that we know our customers love and supporting them when they need it the most.

By becoming an Authorized Reseller for LED Concepts, you’ll have access to:

Our entire store at a discount based on how much business you do with us.
A dedicated wholesale representative to help with sales or warranty issues.
Order priority for all orders placed before 2pm CST.

LED Halo Headlight Kits are rising in popularity among automotive customization enthusiasts now more than ever. Shops who have added Halo Kit Product Lines are seeing a substantial increase in new customers and sales. Many shops who stopped selling Halo Kits because of their frustration from product failures have jumped back in the game with LED Concepts products to rely on. In the past year alone, over 250 automotive shops across 3 countries have begun selling and installing LED Concepts products. Now it’s your turn.

Interested in becoming an Authorized Dealer?

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