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LED Concept’s beading wire is the ultimate way to ensure that your halo installation will last for years to come! Beading wire is used to secure your LED Halo Rings to the headlight’s housing. While epoxy and other adhesives work great nothing can beat the confidence in knowing that your halos are secured by a strong metal that will never be affected by the elements. 

Product Specifications
Thickness – 26 gauge
Length – 10 meters

How Does it Work?
When fitting your halo rings up to your headlight housing simply drill two holes on either side of the halo ring. Once done take a small sliver of wire and pass it through both holes. Once done, turn your headlight housing around and twist the two wire ends together until they make a nice secure connection around your halo kit. 

     Video Installation on How to Use Beading Wire 

                  Fast forward to 11:36 into the video to get straight to it!