ColorMorph RGB LED Strip Roll – 16ft / 5M – Waterproof – Interior/Exterior



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LED Concepts Waterproof RGB LED Strip rolls are the future of LED Strip applications.

With a universal design, LED Concepts Waterproof RGB LED strip rolls are NOT the same product that you will find elsewhere. Many competitors sell waterproof RGB LED strips that feature an epoxy coating, however, after a few months of exposure to the elements these strips begin to crack and break. These same companies also claim to to use a real 3M adhesive backing, but then the led strip falls down the moment you mount it. What a crock..right? What’s the point in buying a product that will only last you a few months?

Well, LED Concepts decided that we were the ones who we’re going to do it better by designing our ColorMorph LED Strip rolls. Our RGB LED Strips feature a silicone injected plastic sheathing case rather than being coated in epoxy. This allows you to universally use the strips for both exterior and interior applications without ever worrying about the strip cracking over time. Our ColorMorph LED Strip rolls also feature a TRUE double sided adhesive foam backing so you can feel confident knowing that your LED strip will not fall down. LED Concepts strip feature a black PCB backing allowing the strips to be blend in with most surroundings. Each roll includes (6) plastic end caps so you can cut the strip to custom lengths without losing the integrity of a waterproof seal.

If the ColorMorph RGB LED Strip Roll is purchased with a remote it will automatically include a splitter. Splitters are also available in the drop down menu if you do not wish to purchase a remote.


  • Universal Design
  • Plug and Play Connectors
  • Adhesive foam backing for secure mounting
  • Weather resistant silicone injected plastic sheathing

What’s Included:

  • (1) x 16ft / 5M Waterproof ColorMorph RGB LED Strip Roll
  • (6) x Plastic End Caps