We believe that customers should be at the forefront of every decision, that providing the highest quality products on the market is a top priority, and that truly great customer service creates powerful relationships & builds the foundation for a promising future.
LED Concepts was founded to solve two major problems: Overpriced Products & Overwhelming Product Failure Rates. We’re proud to say that we have solved these problems, and as a result, LED Concepts has quickly become the most trusted name in Halo Headlight Technology.

Best Price

We believe that everyone deserves to Live the Custom Life. Not only do all LED Concepts Halo Headlight Kits come standard with our exclusive ColorMorph technology, but our colorchanging kits sell for around the same price as most competitors’ single color kits.

Best Products

Like we stated earlier, LED Concepts was founded to solve problems. Problem: Most LED Halo Kits are powered by resistors located on the back of the halo ring. This means if a resistor goes out, you have to get your headlights reopened to fix the problem. Solution: LED Concepts Halo Kits feature resistors located in a sleek Driver Box, designed to be mounted outside of the headlight, under the hood. If a problem were to occur, Driver Box replacement is as easy as unplugging the old Driver and plugging in a new one. We believe in our products so fully, that all of our Halo Kits come with a Lifetime Warranty .

Best Customer Service

LED Concepts was built upon a foundation of honesty, quality, and loyalty. We started this company for the purpose of giving customers products with the quality they deserve, and the prices they need. Our customer service team is here to answer any question you have, and solve any problem you encounter. Every step of the way, we’re there with you.

Here at LED Concepts, we Believe the World Looks Better, Brighter. Thanks for Believing with Us.